An exposition of the peculiar perspective of Uncle Thesus.

  Uncle will contribute his own special commentary, and occasional links to other commentators who appeal to his particular frame of mind, as the spirit moves him.


 "Defend Liberty"

"Defend Liberty, for it gives advantage to no Special Interest, and thereby lacks for defenders. But Justice will ever inspire its own proponents, as each seeks to impose his particular Justice on the rest."


"Political Action"

Uncle has long admired a professor of Political Economy who taught at the James Madison College of Michigan State University during that College's early years, George Peter Lyman. Uncle's favorite aphorism from Professor Lyman:

"Political Action requires taking responsibility for the consequences of acts which must necessarily be affected by circumstances which cannot be foreseen."


What is an "Educated Person"?

This question was recently raised by Professor Magliozzi, who invited commentary to his website. The Master Po offered an erudite, if pompous, proposal, which appears on his neighboring page. Uncle Thesus does not presume to present a comprehensive description, but offers the following succinct operational test:

"An educated person is one who can argue cogently in favor of the pursuit of the goal of Liberty, and argue cogently in favor of the pursuit of the goal of Justice, and demonstrate conclusively that the goal of "Liberty and Justice for All" is inherently not possible."

Uncle's Mentors

One of the most influential mentors in the development of Uncle's perspective on human interaction is Ambrose Bierce, some of whose Fables appear online.


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