The Wisdom of Master Po passes understanding.


The Master Po reminds his readers of their obligation to the Species,

set out so clearly in about the Eightieth year of the Common Era, by a medical doctor who had such skill in recording stories that his writing is now honored by most Christians by simply calling his book "Luke": 

"When much has been given to a man much will be required of him.

More will be asked of a man to whom more has been entrusted."

- Luke, Chapter 12, Verse 48.


The Master Po offers his response to the question,

"If you were going to "educate" a person, how would you define "educate?" "


To "educate" a person, one must first assist that person to become able to "communicate" and to become able to "analyze". Once those two skills are acquired, one can then introduce this newly-skillful person to the limitless data available, and to the diverse theoretical systems which propose to describe how data are related.




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